i have question in making vpn router

ok guys i need help here on setting up VPN router

i have 2x routers cisco linksys e3000 and e4200 and i have speedtouch modem

i have the e4200 using it as access point i want to use like this the e3000 as vpn router and e4200 and speedtouch modem normal as they`re is it possible which means like if i want specs devices to be on vpn i connect them through e3000 if i want to connect on my normal internet i connect on my e4200 and both should be connected normal becuse i want to use both at same time if it possible and there`s guide please help me thanks
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  1. sorry i forgot to update this i figured it out already yah i installed DD-WRT and it`s working nw fine thanks for youre answer anyway ;)
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    Anytime :)
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