quad sli gtx 480s vs single 780

im wondering witch one is better for gameing at 5760x1080 and i have a i7 3820 16 gb of corsair dominator platinum 1600mhz a single xfx 6950 2gb asus rampage iv extreme corsair ax 1200w and a cooler master haf x .do you notice the bottleneck?
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    Hi, You are going to want to avoid the GTX480,s now. they just dont have the Vram to push that kind of resolution with any graphical eye-candy, I find myself lowering AA in some titles now at 1.5GB 480SLI. Go for a 4GB 780 and OC that puppy up to Titan levels.
  2. i was expecting it to run perfectley i run bo2 and bf3 just fine on a single 6950 so i thought v ram was just a number there for eyecandy
  3. It depends on the game and how much AA you use. Most games will run fine, but some of the most recent games are pushing the limits of 1.5Gb. You could lower settings a bit and avoid the problem, but if you have that kind of horse power, you'd probably want to use higher settings.

    The other problem is 4-way SLI will run into compatibility issues in different games. They would be very noisy and may be difficult to even setup. If you do go this route, you'll have to get into water cooling most likely, adding to the cost. 770 SLI or a single 780 would be a better bet, even though in the perfect situation, the 480s will be faster.

    Btw, the 6950 likely had 2Gb of vram, the 480's have 1.5Gb.
  4. my 6950 is 2 gb and i have got watercoolig just a 240 rad and a xspc res and pump combo not enough to cool 4gtx 480s on top
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