Video and Audio are choppy, practically unplayable.

I recently had to format my PC, because I had a bad Hard Drive. I re-installed everything on a new Hard Drive and am currently running on a clean installation with just drivers, games, and windows updates installed. I have already tried formatting and re-installing with just drivers.
The problem is, whenever I play a video through Media Player Classic, or even some videos online, the audio or video both lag and skip horrendously. This seems to happen with all formats. I've tried .mkv, .ogg, .wmv, and .avi.
I've noticed that the distorted sound also happens when I change Windows 7 Themes, and switch something from one of my monitors to the other.
Also, when I put things in fullscreen mode, it either doesn't work or the program reacts laggishly.
I did do some googling and I saw that people are using LatencyMon and DPClat to asses what is causing this. I've attached my system information from LatencyMon as well as the test. If anything else is needed, or if you would like me to try something, please explain it and I will give it a go. I really want to get things working correctly.

As a side note, my computer doesn't seem to have an issue when playing games.(?) Any help is greatly appreciated. I've tried multiple forums now.
Edit: I forgot to add that the CPU also spikes during video/audio playback and when switching themes or opening a new window. It's usually around 1-5%, then 30-60%, if I play a video, 70-90%.
Edit 2: I should also mention that I've tried just using the one monitor (no improvement,) and I've re-installed / tried different audio drivers and video drivers.
I have a HD Radeon 4890 card (built this PC years ago,) and I've tried the 12.9, 12.1, and 13.1 Catalysts. My on-board audio uses Realtek, and I've installed several drivers from Realtek, too, but none have worked.
Edit 3: I just did a chkdsk on the new drive and there was 0 errors.
Edit 4: I use a lot of Ventrilo and I notice that if I play a video or there's a lot of sound going on, I get a popup that tells me my microphone has stopped working.
Edit 5: Online videos seem to work fine now (oddly,) but I still receive a stutter from Windows sounds, and whenever subtitles are enabled in Windows Media Player classic. The CPU also spikes during these processes.
System Information:
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  1. I know the forum rules say not to bump, but it's been a full day and I still need help.
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