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I am looking for a new motherboard with LGA775 socket for my Q6600.. The one that I have now is an Asus P5KPL-VM ( And I will also be getting a new DDR5 GPU.. So, guys, help me out.. Shud I stick to the same motherboard, or a go for a new one..? And suggest me some names of gd compatible GPUs .. My whole budget is $300.. And if u guys suggest new mobo, i wud like a DDR3 SDRAM, USB3.0, wifi n bluetooth supported mobo..
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  1. Yeah, that's not going to happen. They don't make motherboards with modern features for discontinued CPUs. This one supports DDR3 and has USB 2.0, but you're not going to get USB 3.0 unless you add a PCI Express-based add-in card. That motherboard probably won't be able to fit it in there with a 2-slot GPU, either, but you may be able to get a standard PCI Wifi card and a USB 2.0 Bluetooth adapter that'll work with that motherboard.... any should do.
  2. The suggested mobo luks fine., and in price range.. And do u have a suggestion abt a gd GPU..?
  3. GTX 650 will top out that CPU.
  4. alrite., i was goin thru sme gtx 650 gpus., wat do u think abt Zotac GTX 650 Ti..?
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    They're all fine.
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