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I am looking for a new motherboard with LGA775 socket for my Q6600.. The one that I have now is an Asus P5KPL-VM ( And I will also be getting a new DDR5 GPU.. So, guys, help me out.. Shud I stick to the same motherboard, or a go for a new one..? And suggest me some names of gd compatible GPUs .. My whole budget is $300.. And if u guys suggest new mobo, i wud like a DDR3 SDRAM, USB3.0, wifi n bluetooth supported mobo..
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    The Q6600 is socket 775 and new motherboard options are severely limited. If buying a new motherboard and DDR3 you should also get a new CPU instead of upgrading old technology. The GPU memory is not affected by the type of memory on your motherboard, i.e., the GPU can use DDR5 while the motherboard uses DDR2.
  2. I kinda agree with GhislainG above. And with a $300 budget for card, MB, RAM, and CPU, you'd be exceeding your limit. Get a good card. The old C2Q and your old MB still can game. What card do you have now? and what resolution is your monitor?
  3. If you really want to keep the old C2Q processor, that MB would be a good choice. I presume you have a place to buy it, as it is obsolete here. Keep in mind the 4 DIMM slots are divided into 2 sets; 2 for DDR2 and 2 for DDR3. You can't use all 4 slots at one time.

    The Q6600 is still a decent quad core for gaming. And it is a bear for O/C'ing. One of the best in its day. The GTX 650ti Boost will be the better of the 2 cards, for sure. And I think the aging Q6600 will be able to keep up with it with a minimum of bottle neck.
  4. thnx for ur advice cluthc, i wil be takin this mobo frm e-bey most probably, n d gt650 boost.. so, can u plz help with the psu.. the gpu requires 450W, r8..? n does it need another power source..??
  5. I would recommend a GOOD QUALITY (no cheapies) 500W or better PSU. The Q6600 at stock is a 105W processor (~13A @ +12V rail). The GTX 650ti Boost running Furmark demands 256W (21.3A @ +12V). So be sure the PSU has at least a 40A +12V rail. I don't know what is available in your area or your budget, but look for Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, Antec... here is a list that may help you avoid bad units:

    Yes, the 650ti Boost requires 1 x 6 pin PCIe power cable.
  6. Intel P45 chipset, PCI Express 2.0

    Intel Desktop Board BLKDP45SG DP45SG ATX LGA775 -- $65

    Rosewill 2-Port USB 3.0 PCI Express Card Model RC-505 -- $15

    Rosewill RNX-N180UB (1T2R) IEEE 802.11b/g/n USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter -- $15

    IOGEAR GBU521W6 Bluetooth -- $15

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Desktop Memory Model F3-8500CL7D-8GBRL -- $66
  7. ok., so u mean to tel that i shud take a 500W+ PSU, and shud it have a PCI-E connector for the GPU.?
    But all PSU's does have a PCI-E connector, ryt..? or else we can extend it, by a connector cord, aint it so..?
  8. Yes, you need to power that card with a 6 pin PCIe power connector. Any good quality 500W+ PSU will have at least 2 x 6/8 pin connectors. If you find a PSU that doesn't, it isn't worth buying.
    It is possible to adapt a Molex connector to power the card with the adapter provided with most cards, but you won't have to do that with any good PSU. They all have that connector/cable as part of the cable pkg.
  9. OK., got it.. N u did u read Clavin7's suggestion..? The mobo he suggests has 2 PCIe slots., u think that having two slots gonna be beneficiary..? I am not goin to buy another GPU n go for SLI thing, atleast not in dis near future.. Plz suggest me if I shud take this suggestion, or the combo-ram mobo.. I was thinkin of takin the combo motherboard coz i already have 2x2GB DDR2 rams already, n wud be running it, til I find sme funds to upgrade to DDR3..
  10. Thanks Calvin7.. The mobo suggestuon is a gd one.. I find it intersting to think abt having two PCIe slots.. It cud help me wen I want to crosswire.. N the other suggestions of the accessories are v gd.. It wil be v helpful, wen i finally shop..
  11. I have no experience with Intel boards. I assume they are good, because their processors are. But I can't find much info on that board. 2 PCIex16 slots are only good if you plan on using 2 cards, and then only if the 2nd slot is not x4 bandwidth. I don't even know if it is CF or SLI or both. The Asus MB you picked out would be a good transition board to go from DDR2 to DDR3. You can use your DDR2 now, and upgrade to DDR3 later. But keep in mind it can't do both at the same time.
  12. To Crossfire, you'll have to buy AMD GPUs instead of nVidia GPUs.
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