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I'm no ram expert and am curious about ram timings reported in CPU-Z. I just bought a rig and have 2x4 gb crucial ram. CPU-Z reports frequency as 671Mhz. Am I correct that's at 1342Mhz total? If that is correct, it reads timings at 9-9-9-24, would it be better to have ram at a higher frequency with same timings or does it matter since timings are same? Thanks for any help!
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  1. What RAM do you have and what what CPU/mobo
  2. 8gb(2x4) crucial ballistix sport series. Which says it's actually supposed to run at 1600Mhz. AMD FX-4170 cpu, Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 mobo.
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    Look in the advanced section of the BIOS for XMP, DOCP or EOCP which are the common OC profiling used by AMD, enable whichever they have and select 1600, else have to set up manually
  4. Ok, found it in BIOS. Changed from 1333Mhz to 1600Mhz. Saved and exited. CPU-Z still reads same Mhz (671).
  5. Do you have the 1.65 ver of CPU-Z 64bit?
  6. Yes, 1.65.0 x64.
  7. Just in case, im running win 7 x64.
  8. Nust have a setting in there somewhere that is screwing things up possibly a CPU/DRAM ratio. Might set the mobo to best defaults and start over, setting up the DRAM first
  9. Weird, I restarted to check BIOS and it reverted back to 1333Mhz. I loaded optimized defaults and set DRAM freq back to 1600Mhz. Save and exit. On boot it then says boot failure due to overclocking and it points out the ram frequency specifically and that it's reverting it back to 1333Mhz. Then it boots fine.
  10. Try raising the DRAM voltage + 0.05 and see if that helps
  11. I actually found the EOCP which you mentioned. Changed it to 1600Mhz. It automatically upped my Dram voltage from 1.510 to 1.6. Saved and exited. When windows started, it said I needed to reboot for changes to take effect. First I ran CPU-Z and it reported my ram correctly (800), and even showed better timings at 8-8-8-24. Well, I rebooted system as it said and again, reverts back to 1333Mhz. It kept the same 1.6 voltage and 8-8-8-24 timings, though.
  12. One other thing I noticed, I opened the case and seen they installed the 2 ram sticks in the 3 and 4 slots. Would that make a difference if they're not installed in the 1 and 3 slots?
  13. Could yes, among other things that throws them into single channel, try em in 1-3
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