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I just purchased parts for a new gaming PC and put it together this afternoon. I posted the specs in a previous thread ( The only piece I did not attach is my GPU (it won't fit right now and I need to get an extender to the two 4 pin cords from my PSU to make it fit).

One problem that I am having right now is that the computer won't start. When I press the power button, the fans on the case turn on, the fan on the CPU turns on, and I'm pretty sure the HD is operating, however I get nothing but a black screen on my monitor.

I did some testing with my current PC and found that the HD and power supply are working fine. I double checked that all the cords are attached to the right slots. Is it possible that there is a problem with either my CPU or motherboard? There is a MSI marker in the middle with loose screws should I screw that sign in? Everything I did was fairly routine. Processor went in easily. I put a little thermal paste on it. Attached cooler fan and screwed the motherboard on the case.

Any suggestions on things I should check or certain things I can safely rule out? I'm not really sure what to do :(

- Carl
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    Carl That eight pin cable is for the CPU and video card power. If it not connected to the mb the CPU won't post. As for any lose screws...fix them if they fall out it short your system out.
  2. Finally figured it out. Plugged the monitor into the GPU and it works >.>, for some reason wouldn't boot when the monitor was plugged into the motherboard...

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