Constant BSOD when trying to install Win7 after crash

Current build -

Gigabyte ga-z77x-ud3h mobo
MSI Nvidia 660 gtx
Antec 650w psu
Intel I5-3570k
GSkill Ripjaw 4Gx4 DDR3 1600
Samsung 840Pro ssd
WD Cavier Green 500gb hdd
Win7 64bit

Last night while I was watching TV my computer decided it wanted to BSOD with a stop error message pointing to wdfldr.sys. I had just installed an ssd a few days before and was currently using my old 500gig hdd as a secondary storage so I figured that either that was the culprit or Windows had somehow gotten corrupt.

I decided to try to boot to each drive individually and disconnect the other drive to see if I could access either, neither can be booted into and both of them give me the same stop message BSOD.

If I try to repair windows instead of load, I get an IRQL_NOT BSOD on both drives and randomly a BAD_POOL stop message. So I attempt to use my Windows repair disk, BSOD then my original Windows 7 install disk and the same thing with it going to a BSOD again.

At this point I figure I will reset my BIOS back to default which has no effect and I physically reset my CMOS which has no effect. At this point I'm starting to suspect my RAM might be acting up so I run memtest86+ for about 4-5 hours and it detects nothing and just to make sure, I remove all but 1 stick and try it and each slot and do the same for all sticks until I have tested them all individually, nothing helps.

At this point I am sure it is the motherboard acting up, so I pull both drives and go to try them in another computer. I can get into the repair tool on the second computer, but it just always tells me it can't fix whatever problem it thinks it has. I have tried chkdsk which found no errors. While in command prompt I tried to fixmbr which did nothing and I tried to sfc /scannow which just tells me windows protection could not perform the operation.

Finally I said screw it and just completely formatted and re-installed Windows on the ssd, I can boot into it on my second computer but when I put it back in mine I get another BSOD this time with the IRQL_NOT message when trying to install Windows from the disk.

I just don't get it, if its a driver or faulty install then the fresh install should have cleared the issues on the ssd but didn't, if it was a faulty drive it should have not worked with a fresh install on another computer. If it was a ram issue, memtest and moving the ram between dimm slots should have found the problem, if it was a motherboard issue those are some weird BSOD messages to get.

Other things I have tried -
Re-seating the cpu and gpu just to be thorough.
Updated bios to the latest version.

Any ideas you guys have would be great appreciated.
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  1. So I spent most of last night and today working on it. I put the ssd drive into my laptop, fresh installed Win7 and left it there for a few hours. It remained stable and I did a chkdsk and sfc /scannow which showed no errors, so the drive is fine.

    I then took a ram stick from a different computer, removed all my sticks and just used the one from the other computer and received the same BSOD errors, so I am certain the ram is fine.

    What is weird I can replicate the problem every time. The BSOD happens at the exact moment and I believe it is something to do with the motherboard. If I set the boot order in the bios to UEFI:CDDVD then I get the wdfldr.sys BSOD. If I select P2:TSTcorp CDDVDrive then I get the CONFIG_INITIALIZATION_FAILED BSOD. The BSOD's occur at the exact same place each time. It is always just after the the black screen with the grey progress bar where Windows says it is loading its files. Right after this screen, when the Windows logo appears, the BSOD will occur as soon as the little colored windows start flying in.

    I am getting more convinced that this is a mobo problem in some way, I just cant determine whether it is a problem with the way something is set in the bios or if the motherboard itself is simply going crazy. It is still under warranty but I use my computer each day for work and would rather not go through the long wait for an RMA if it can be fixed at home.

    Here are the BSOD's for reference:

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    This may sound stupid but it fixed the error for me, check with Samsung about your SSD and see if they have firmware updates for it, a friend of mine had a similar issue and that got it working (he had to install the firmware from a bootable usb though) and on some SSDs a firmware update will wipe the drive. Also there is no guarantee that you can ever swap widows installations from one pc to hard to tell there. I know it is happening on both drives but humor me here, also if there is an update try re-installing windows afterwards or going through this Hope to hear back from you.
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