Will this graphics card fit in my PC?

I have a quick question. I'm deciding to buy a GTX 660, but I'm afraid that the graphics card will not fit in my case or something on the motherboard might block the graphics cards way. I'm more concerned about the motherboard because it seems like there's these little things on the motherboard that might block the graphics card's way.

Here's how my motherboard looks like:

Here's the graphics card that I'm planning to get:

Here's how my PC looks like (This picture has a few different specs, but it's very similar to what I have):
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  1. your motherboard can support that Graphics card however if you have a network card or anything else that takes up a PCIe x16 slot then you cannot use the GTX 660. By things blocking its way I assume you mean the I/O connectors, in this case make sure it will fit by measuring the space between them and the Graphics card.
  2. Nothing on the motherboard will block the graphics card and the gtx 660 is not a very long card. You should be fine, but one cant tell by simply looking at the picture of the case.
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    Nothing on the MB will interfere with the card. MB manufacturers design the boards so the cards will clear. Those 'little things' will be under the card. But I would measure from the expansion slot cover at the back of the case to the first obstruction you come to. The drive cage, the HDD... Make sure you have room. The card measures a tad over 10" in length.

    I presume you have a sufficient PSU?
  4. You should be just fine as far as the motherboard goes. Just make sure that your current PSU can handle the GPU upgrade and you should be fine.
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