I Need A New Gaming Mouse

Hey! I have a $50 gift certificate for Microcenter burning a hole in my pocket. I need a new mouse, and I was wondering what everyone would reccomend. Currently I have:

Corsair M60 $55
Logitech G100s $34
Cooler Master Storm Xornet $29
Logitech g500 refurb $58

What would people reccomend buying, my limit is $60, I really just want to play some BF3. I am not an uber serious gamer, I want a good performing mouse that will let me play games well and just have a better mouse in general, Thanks!
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  1. The storm xornet is pretty nice. It's the one I have and is perfect if you use a "claw" grip when using a mouse like i do
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  3. Most people would say the G400 is a perfect mouse.
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