audio technica ad700's have really low sound output

Hello everyone, i just recieved a pair of audio technica ad700 headphones that i bought brand new from ebay, when they arrived i tried them in multiple devices and they are extremely low in sound output meaning i turn up the volume on all my devices up fully and still the sound output is what i was say about 20% my $10 logitech headphones will get 4-5x louder then what these will, is there something that im missing with these or could they be faulty
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  1. ok small update, i just plugged these into the back of my motherboard and the sound quailty has improved alot espically in games, but its giving a real echo/ listening to music in a hallway sort of output, is there anyway i can improve this? the front audio on my tower is screwed as its only outputting sound to one ear on all my headsets
  2. ok it seem to have fixed itself, they sound 100x better now
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