Newegg good or bad deal?!

so i just saw a super combo deal on new egg and this rig actually looked pretty good to me. what do yall think? is it worth the 900 mark or what?
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  1. Link?
  2. We can't really help you without a link to the suggested rig.
  3. They're all kind of badly designed. Little need for 16GB of RAM or a 750W PSU, relatively slow GPU compared to what you're spending on a CPU, and overpriced WD Black drives (and no SSD).

    You could save the $80 by shopping elsewhere and minor cuts.
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    No it is not a good deal.
    GTX 660 is slow. AsRock mobo is not so good. PSU is too big. SSD is missing.
    You do not need 16GB ram. 8GB is enough for gaming.
    Something like this is better:
    PCPartPicker part list:
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