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I'm thinking about upgrading from my Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro. If I have the Windows 8 Pro disk (, can I upgrade to Windows 7 without losing any of my files?

Also, if I don't like Windows 8 or if there's a problem, can I change back to Windows 7 and things will be the same as they are now?
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  1. by alright you should be able to use the windows 8 to upgrade from win 7. BUT it does not always work!

    you should use a program to back a system backup of your current windows install and backup any personal data (music, pic's, Doc's, Etc) before doing any upgrade.. i recommend backing up to a second hard or external hard drive. so if the worse happens you can always restore it back.

    i personally have an external hard drive which i backup too. i use 2 different programs to do 2 different types off backup.

    EaseUS ToDo Backup Free i use this to do a system backup of my current windows installation and also back a bootable recovery dvd or usb pen drive.

    FileSyncFree i also use to copy all my data (again pic, music, doc's, etc) to my external hard drive.
  2. What do you mean it doesn't always work? Will all my files and programs be deleted if it doesn't work?
  3. sometimes the driver that windows 7 uses will not work properly with windows 8. and the upgrade will fail or windows 8 will error once upgrade is completed.

    i personally have only had t windows 8 upgrade work 2 or 3 times (i work in a computer shop fixing, upgrading, etc.)
    so i also do full backups first. so if all fails the i can restore from my backup :)
  4. I have done 4 Upgrades in my home to 8 , I chose save all settings and have had no issues , but backup is always the best option , because every computer configuration is different.
  5. Okay so I should back up before upgrading. Also, if I don't like windows 8 is there a way to downgrade?
  6. If you have your original media and key , no issue.

    You can make it look and fell like 7 for free , plus 8.1 is coming out also with fixes and enhancements.
  7. Okay one final question. I ran Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant and it said "Secure boot isn't compatible with your PC. Your PC's firmware doesn't support secure boot so you won't be able to use it in Windows 8."
    What's secure boot? Does it even matter if it's used or not?
  8. Also, for backing up, can I just copy the whole C drive to an external HDD by just dragging the files into it? Or do I need a program?
  9. I save what i need to an external.
  10. So basically if I can copy my whole C drive to an external, I should be safe if the upgrade fails right?
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    You shoud be fine,I save all my important files an documents , music etc.

    Like I said I've done 4 and used the save all settings and have had no issues.I did backup all my important material first.
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