Been Scouring the Forums.....Need Advice. USB Sound Card

I need help in dealing with my PC and Headphones....
I currently need a Sound Card that will do:
-Dolby Digital
-Dolby Live (Encoding on the Fly)
-Dolby Headphone (Virtual Surround Sound)........

I want to watch Movies on my PC and have surround sound. I also have a Turtle Beach DSS Sound Processor.........I use Headphones only!!!

This is what I was looking at....Seems Cheap, Seems to fit the bill for all of the Sound Options.....

I like the idea of a USB card. I have plenty of Space in my Case.....

Please give me feedback!!!
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    I have not used a USB sound card in a very long time so I can't say for sure but when I did they used a lot of CPU time so that is something you might what to google before you decide whether to go USB or not.
  2. I actually played around with my settings in VLC and downloaded the latest driver. My motherboard has 7.1 HD Audio but I could never get it to work with my Processor.......

    However, in VLC I found the "a/52 over spdif " option....So far I've tried 2 different Movies and they play in Dolby Digital!!!
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