500w psu enough for HD 7850 2gb?

I have just got my 2gb 7850 this morning and was going to wait another week to order a 600w psu but I'm itching to try it out,
I'm upgrading from a 5570, with a amd FX-4100 w/ 8 gigs of memory
will I need to upgrade my power?

Thanks in advance
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  1. 500w is the recommended PSU wattage by AMD. As long as you have a 6-pin power connector on it, which I'm presuming you do due to your previous GPU, then you'll be fine. :)
  2. get 600+
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    Well, no 5570 ever made required a 6-pin PCIe connector, so we don't know that he has one. Whether you can run that card in your system depends on the quality of your PSU. If it's a reputable brand and can actually put out 500w DC, then you'll have no problem running a 7850 off of it. If this is the case it will most likely have the PCIe power connector you need as well. If it's a "500w" power supply that's unbranded and doesn't have the connector, then I'd recommend getting that power upgrade before trying out the new card.
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