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So i am looking for a new 7200 HDD and was looking for some opinions, i dont need the fastest one in the world but i want one that will still perform great with a good warranty.

I am looking into the:

Caviar Black $85
Caviar Blue $60
Seagate Barracuda $67
Samsung Spinpoint F3 $65

All have a Cache peed of 64MB and was just wanting to see if the caviar black was worth the extra money over the others.
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  1. Caviar Black without a doubt...
  2. With the Barracuda XT having stopped production, I'd have to say the WD Black
  3. alyoshka said:
    Caviar Black without a doubt...

    what makes it that much better, like is there a listed benchmark that i could see to compare a few of these.

    It will be used to boot the OS (Until i get my SSD) and store HD videos
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  5. I'm curious why 1TB BTW? Price per Gb is much 50-60% higher compared to 2TB and yet both of them much slower than SSD for general use.
  6. alyoshka said:

    thanks man, the reason being is that since i am a student and realized that my gross pay is going to put me into another tax bracket i have to stop working till 2014 and this will result in about a $1000 loss so just going over my options haha. Time to post a new build thread head with a editing/gaming build and see if it works. Thanks man
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