Heaven 4/Games Suddenly Dropping to ~5 FPS on STOCK SETTINGS!!!

Hi all, title pretty much says it all. I have a MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC, and I am on the latest beta drivers from nVidia. I will try rolling back to the latest stable drivers, but I had this issue on that one, too! :??:

On STOCK core clock/memory/voltages, Heaven 4 and games are suddenly dropping to ~5 FPS! My GF plays The Sims (I know!), and, after an hour or so, the same thing happens! Should I just send this card back, or is there something I am doing wrong?

To me, this seems like an obvious unstable clock! WTF, what a shitty card if it is! :fou:

Thank you!!
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  1. Do you have an intergrated GPu in your motherboard? Maybe the graphic card is failing or over-heating after a while and the pc is using the intergrated gpu , are the fans on the gpu working? After your games drop to X fps you could check if your gpu is still working( just look at the fans)
  2. This sounds like an overheating problem. Make sure your CPU cooler hasn't come loose. Monitor your temps.
  3. Hi, thanks for the replies. I have an integrated GPU on the processor, but it is not enabled (I don't think), as I cannot install Virta MVP.

    I have rolled back my driver to the newest stable one. At first, I passed Heaven 4 on stock settings, and I thought I had the problem solved, so I started increasing my memory (as I can't raise my core clock--hardly at all). I got to about 196+ stable (which gave me a rounded-off number). This passed once, then Heaven started crashing again. I have gone back to stock settings, thinking it wouldn't crash, but it is STILL CRASHING!!! I have set a custom fan profile, and my temps have not gone over 60 celsius. I know my case is more than adequately cooled, so it can't be that. I think I have a bum card; I might send it back.

    One thing I think it could be: I have overclocked my i5-4670k to a stable 4.5Ghz; maybe that is affecting my GPU?
  4. Sounds like the CPU overclock is a little too much, try backing off a little and then retest.
  5. Thanks, I just rebooted, dropped the CPU to 4.4Ghz and reset my RAM timings. Just re-ran Heaven 4 on stock settings, and it crashed in the first few scenes. What utter BS--I am returning the card. Thanks for the help, guys! :)
  6. hmm if you already sent the card back, try getting a new one like a 770 and add some cash.
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    I'd try the CPU at STOCK before you assume it's the card.
  8. I will try that, but a. I'm pretty sure the CPU doesn't affect the GPU to that extent (only, say, a mildly unstable maximum overclock on the CPU), and b. I am NOT reducing my CPU overclock, because my GPU can't handle it. I have never had this problem in the past; it must be a shoddy GPU.
  9. Make sure when you overclocked the CPU, the PCIe buss stayed at 100MHz.
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