looking for a new motherboard, harddrive + processor that is compatible with my current ram and video card

I am looking for a good motherboard and processor for my new gaming computer I am building. I already have a graphics card and ram which I will link. I have a good budget so recommend anything that is worth the money. Thanks.
My ram: 2x
My video card:
power supply:
windwos 7, 1920x1080
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    Newest generation from Intel. An i5 processor will work brilliantly in games and there will be absolutely no bottleneck of those two 660s:

    You can overclock with this CPU, so both of these coolers will work great. Go for whichever is in your budget:

    This motherboard is one of the popular models in the Z87 line. Has great features at a great price:

    If want a mechanical hard drive, either of these are great: - 2 year warranty - 5 year warranty

    If you want an SSD (blisteringly fast):
  2. Just seen the PSU update. Will definitely need an upgrade to power 2 660s plus overclocking. This is a good one at a good price:

    Also supports Haswell's C6 and C7 sleep states, so will save you some money on your electricity bills too! :D
  3. Consider this biilt

    All ur money for the best
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