System will not power on. One green light on motherboard.

SOLVED Solution = New PSU.

Hello, I joined the forums to ask for help with my Dell Dimension 1100.
It runs Xp with just under 2 gb of Ram. Standard built in gfx.

It just died and would not power on. I took off the cover and the only sign of life is one green light on the MB. No other lights and no post sounds. The fan does not spin either.

I did some google research and performed the power supply test with a paperclip and it works fine.
I read a few other posts that suggested it might need a new MB. I found the correct motherboard on ebay and have just installed it today just to find it does the EXACT same thing.
So if it is not the MB and not the PSU, what else could the problem be?
Here is a pic of the mMB and you can see the single light in the corner.
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  1. the paper clip test does not rule out a defective PSU. Try swapping in a known working PSU.
  2. Ok i will try that then, wish I had known that before buying the MB, Doh!
  3. Well it turns out it was the PSU.
    I installed a new one and it started up right away.
    I did not know the paperclip test was flawed.

    So anyone else with the same problem should rely on the paperclip test.

    Thank you anon.
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