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We are using Outlook Express 6, linked to Telus webmail service (POP3) on Windows XP professional. Since Monday, none of the emails I've sent have been received by the recipients. I have not gotten any error messages, bounce back notifications, or failed attempt messages. When I send the email, it moves from outbox to sent folder as usual. The emails just seem to disappear into the void. Sending emails directly from the webmail service works fine and are received. The account settings seem to be in order (Outgoing SMTP on Port 25). There are no firewalls in place or anything else that could be blocking any Ports. What else am I missing?

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  1. What do the people at your webmail service say?
  2. USAFRet said:
    What do the people at your webmail service say?

    They said things are working on their end, as evidenced by being able to send emails directly from the webmail webpage.
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    They could require login for the emails to be sent even with a POP3 setup. Personally I would ask them to see if they could monitor the POP3 connection, see if they can 'monitor' or capture the data over the phone as you connect, send a test to your Gmail/Yahoo account, then send from Gmail/Yahoo to you. If your a spammer (100s of emails bulk sent at a time) you may be just being blocked but no one has formally informed you yet.
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