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I am looking to purchase two monitors. One monitor will be primarily for gaming and the other monitor will be for desktop management.

My two favourite games are WoW and Skyrim. I don't really play FPS on PC.

My graphics card is a GeForce GTX 760 and can handle 114 fps on ultra settings for WoW and 89 fps for Skyrim.

My question is should I purchase a 120Hz monitor for my gaming monitor? I am looking at dual 21-24" monitors. The desktop management monitor can be 60Hz as I do not intend to use it for gaming.
Furthermore the gaming monitor would also be occasionally hooked up to my Xbox. I mostly play FPS games on the xbox.

I will be sitting relatively close to the monitors.

I am looking to spend roughly $300 in total.

Could someone recommend a decent brand of monitor and if it is worth it to purchase the gaming monitor in 120Hz not 60hz?

Thanks in Advance!
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    120 hz is not very common in monitors, from what i've seen, you'd be spending close to your whole monitor budget on one of the high end ones that actually does 120hz. The cheapest i found one so far was $250 for this 24" Acer:

    It only goes up from there, if you're amenable to 60hz for games, your options open up substantially. I play some faster games on a 60hz and it's not a big deal at all. This would be a great 60hz gaming monitor:

    Really fast reponse time, and great contrast, you'd get a good picture with that. You could get pretty much whatever you find a good deal on for the desktop stuff, you could get 2 of the linked one for a little over $300 and that would be a nice matched set, .9cm bezel too.
  2. I have

    It's been a great monitor, and I don't know if this is in your wheelhouse of what you are looking for, but it's cheap but good quality. The only issue I have had was one stuck pixel (green) and one dead pixel. They aren't really noticeable, but after 4 pixels Asus will replace for 3 years.
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