Sandisk Ultra Plus 256GB vs Samsung 840 Pro 128GB

I'm going to build a new rig and I'm trying to decide between these two SSDs. From what I have researched, the 840 Pro is the most recommended SSD right now, but it's price vs storage size is just too high. I can get this drive for $133. I was almost decided to get this one until I looked at the Ultra Plus 256GB, which I can get for $174. I feel that going for a 256GB would allow me to not get worried about running out of space, even though I've read that 128GB is enough for having the OS + apps. I do intend to game in my new PC so with the Sandisk I would be able to install my games on the SSD rather than in an additional HDD. What should I get?
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    I agree you should go with the 256GB size. You may want to consider the Samsung 840 250GB non pro, same $175.

    You also may want to consider the new Samsungs coming out. They will have the same price as the non pros, but will have the same performance as the pros.

    I looked at the Newegg reviews of the Ultra Plus and am not impressed.
  2. I didn't know there were new Samsung SSDs coming out. If that's the case then I would probably get one of those. The 840 non pro also seems to be a nice choice. I don't know a lot about SSDs so I tend to only look at sequential red/write performance and the Sandisk has over 500 MB/s in both while the non pro has a lower write performance. I would choose a more reliable drive and Samsung is known for this as far as I know.
  3. Get the biggest you can get your hands on being the fastest SSD will not make a big diffrence. I went from a 90 gig sata 2 ssd in the 200m read write to a 240 500m read write and there was very little percieved diffrence even though benchies say one should be more than twice as fast as the other. I think access time is the main snappyness feel for an SSD not always the read write speeds.

  4. The 840 Evo should be a good choice, which should be availabe soon.
  5. In terms of performance, because you are comparing the 256 Ultra plus to the 128 840 Pro, you will actually get better sequential write speeds on the Ultra Plus. For general use you are not likely to notice the deep queue depth advantages of the 840 Pro. I would go for the Ultra Plus.

    Here is a direct comparison of the 256 versions of both:
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