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So I recently just got a 24" Asus Monitor for my new computer. I hooked up a 19' Coby T.V. I had for dual monitors. I want to know if there is a way to access the second screen while in a game and if there is a way so that when I play a game in fullscreen the second screens resolution doesnt change. And I know windowed mode works but I'm wondering if there is another solution. Thanks in advance!
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    Some games have the option of "Fullscreen Windowed" / "Borderless Window". Basically fullscreen without that annoying border.
    This enables you to simply pass the cursor over into the next screen while the game is still fullscreen on the other monitor. The game doesn't minimize while you're in the other monitor.
    Some games do not have this option and so a program to force "fullscreen windowed" is needed. Link above. Simply alt-tab out into the next monitor. The game continues to run fullscreen, unfocused, while your doing whatever in the other monitor. The game won't minimize while you're in the other monitor.

    I have two different sized monitors, so I'm not quite sure what you mean by the changing of resolutions. Mine don't change.
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