Audio question. X-Fi XtremeMusic or MSI z87 G45 Gaming Mobo's ALC1150?

Wasn't sure where this was most relevant to post.

I'm building a new Haswell rig to replace my 4.5 year old C2D Wolfdale setup. My question is, use my old dedicated PCI Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic card or use the ALC1150 on my incoming MSI z87 g45 gaming mobo? They are really harping on the supposedly great quality of the audio on this chipset, so I'm curious!

Audio tech is one area I'm not good with however. I wouldn't want to handicap myself if the onboard these days is better than the old card, but I have no problem using the card if quality will still be better. I consider myself a mild audiophile, but not to the point I buy the latest greatest at all times, just that I'll tweak settings with what I have until it sounds great, and it bothers me if it sounds like total garbage.

I mostly care about listening to music, but I do game as well.

I may buy a newer card at some point, but it's not a must right now. Who is rocking the audio card scene these days with the best price/performance product line? Thanks!
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  1. The XtremeMusic lineup has always been kinda "meh". It's basically a crippled gaming card with a lot of features disabled. If you want a solid high quality sound card designed for audiophiles check out the Creative Labs X-Fi titanium HD or Asus Xonar Essence STX. Keep in mind that neither of those cards support 6/8 channel surround and are mediocre for gaming.

    If you want a solid gaming card that also puts out kickass music check out the Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro and Creative Labs ZxR
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    I use my onboard audio on the Asus P6T for gaming with a Logitech Z-5300e THX certified 5.1 speaker setup. I also consider myself a "mild audiophile" and paired an Asus Xonar Essence ST audio card with my Sennheiser HD 558 Open headphones for my music.

    There are better setups beyond this to be sure.... but to me, it became cost prohibitive to follow this rabbit hole any deeper.
  3. I appreciate the advice on products, and will keep that in mind for later on for sure. I guess the big two are Asus and Creative right now.

    However, does anyone know how the ALC1150 in the chipset stacks up against using an XtremeMusic? Logically I could see using a dedicated card regardless of age as being better, but I could also see onboard sound having been improved enough to rival or outdo such an old card's tech. I just don't know enough about what goes in to the technology for audio.
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