AMD FX-8350 Vishera vs AMD A10 6800k

Is the vishera worth the extra $50? or should i go with the APU, because the APU supposedly has a faster clock speed along with being unlocked. Dont give me BS about "Why would you get AMD?? INTEL FTWWWZZZZ" or vice versa... if you're gonna post something of that nature please refrain from posting... and living... i will consider all solutions with reputable information about their preferred CPU/APU/Other
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  1. Depends on what you want to use it for. FX 8350 would be faster in nearly everything. FX is 8 core, the A10 is only a quad. FX also has more cache. Only way the A10 would be better is in IGP gaming. If using a discrete graphics card for gaming, the FX is superior.
  2. R u meaning A10-6800K, which has 4.1Ghz stock clock speed and has a 4.4Ghz turbo speed?

    If I were u, I'll stay away from A10, as far as I can!

    Man, don't u know that FX-8350 has 8 cores but A10-6800K has only 4 cores and an IGP (called 8670D) equivalent with an entry-level gfx which will be useless if u go for high-end gaming!

    So for $50 for more than 4 physical cores, is it not good enough?

    Tell me, what's your new rig for? Gaming? Video editing? Which games and software would u like to run on this rig?
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    If you decide to go with the APU, you should likely wait a month or so for the new FM2+ 'Bolton' motherboards. You will have an upgrade path to the upcoming next-gen Kaveri APUs with 'Steamroller' cores. The new FM2+ boards will also work with the Trinity/Richland APUs.

    Also ... the AMD FX-6300 Vishera 3.5GHz (4.1GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 95W is $110 through the 29th. If you do not require the extra threads of the FX-8XXX processors, it's a sporty little proc which OCs nicely, and will save you some cash toward an SSD for your OS/Apps (or a nice bump in your video card or other components).

    Remember: In gaming, it's your video card! Either processor would suit your needs nicely.
  4. Is the FX 8350 overclockable though?
  5. All FX- CPUs have unlocked multiplier, so technically they are all overclockable.
  6. You betcha :)

    There are few games at this time that need all those threads ... but those times may be a changin'

    Not sure I'd invest an extra $80 for a handful of games that might use all those cores 'some time' in the future ...

  7. Depends on what your doing. If you need speed and you are a gamer and need a seperate graphics card, definitely go for the 8350. If you are a not a extreme gamer and do occasional gaming go for the A10. The A10 is an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) which has a built in graphics card (Which usually aren't usually the best.
  8. Neither... The Intel i7-4790K is the way to go. I mean look at that beast!!!! I've see that it can be overclocked to 4.6GHz and maybe to 5GHz i you know what you are doing.
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