New harddrive gives BOOT MGR MISSING message without the old harddrive in?

I got a new HDD and I wanted to put Win7 on it. However, I didn't have a W7 disc, so I downloaded the W7 ISO from microsoft. I extracted the files from the ISO, and custom installed windows through those files on to the new harddrive, from the old harddrive.

The problem: It works fine when both harddrives are in. When I reboot, it asks me which Windows I want to boot from. However, when I only have the new HDD plugged in, it says BOOTMGR MISSING, and won't load.

I've tried changing the boot sequence, but that was all I could think of. What's going on?
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    I have had this happen when installing windows with multiple hard drives installed them removing a drive to upgrade. It means there is something missing in the boot loader, now the problem, is that to fix this you need to run some commands in the windows repair environment and to do THAT you need a cd.....either a repair cd or a windows 7 cd. This microsoft article describes the issue: and how to fix it with a disc. But as to how you can fix it without kinda got me there, I would boot into the windows 7 that you can get to and follow these steps to make a repair disc, then boot to it, then that last option on that last screen shot says "Enter Command Prompt" you can choose that and then use the commands from the support article, the /fixboot option fixed it for me
  2. set your boot to the hard drive without the problem. then download macrium reflect free and clone the good drive to the problem drive.
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