Asus M5A78L-M LX Plus only using half of the ram installed.

I've already drew condasending attitudes with no results from the Asus techs for the day, so I'm gong elsware. I am running a M5A78L-M LX PLUS
With an AMD 4100 cpu, 2X 4Gb Kingston Value Ram 1333MHz (acceptable according to Asus) and windows 7 pro x64.... The computer recconises that there is 8gb of Ram but will only use half of it. The bios had no Easy Tune, so any fix along with that is out. Any other advice would be awesome, as I've got a couple more of the same boards on their way. Thanks for your time.
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    First, what OS are you running? If 32 bit then 4GB is the limit, if you have a 64bit OS, (can check

    START > CONTROL PANEL > SYSTEM and it should show in the middle of the screen

    might check in the config

    START . type MSCONFIG in the search window > ENTER > click on the BOOT tab > ADVANCED> look in upper right to see if MAX MEM is checked and a limit showing, if so, un-check it.

    Can also check the sticks in different slots, reverse tehm, etc
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