Looking for Laptop/Ultrabook Suggestions

Hey guys this is a sort of repost/clarification of a previous post I had done. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Country: USA
Shopping: Brick & Mortar OR Online. No preference.
Brands: Asus, Toshiba, Apple in that order. Open to suggestions on more.
Needs: 6+ hours on battery preferable & Lightweight < 4 pounds ideal.
Price: No more than $1,000 each. Would prefer to spend less.
Uses: College. Mostly note taking/research. No desire to game on said laptop/ultrabook.

Probably buying two. Thanks again in to everyone who answers!
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    Asus Vivobook might be the best choice, if youre into lenovo you could also try IdeaPad U310.

    happy hunting :)
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