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I have Norton security Suite for years as a comcast internet user for years. All of a sudden I can't get in and it say the icon was deleted and no longer valid. What hapen and why?
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    you can try to reinstall it but i would question is a terrible resource hog and seems to pick the worst times for scans and updates. never liked it myself. i would recommend avast for the antivirus.add to this superantispyware and malwarebytes.all free.the only thing you have to remember with this setup is that you have to remember to do periodic scans.for the firewall you can use comodo free version or simply enable the windows firewall.unless you love to live on the edge and are not a real savvy surfer this is all you really need.
  2. Did you run a registry tune up type of program and accidently delete something? You can just click on the norton pgm and make a new icon on your desktop.
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