Strange graphic card issues!

Hello everyone,

I have this computer which has been working perfectly fine for the last years:

asus p6t / core i7 920 / 6 giga ram
nvidia 560 Ti / sata 2 hdd / 750 watt PSU
windows 7 64 bit pro

About a week ago I formatted my HDD, reinstalled windows 7, installed all updates and all the latest drivers, and the same antivirus i've been always using.

Even though my computer is on a clean setup (only things installed: SP1, all updates, all latest drivers, antivirus, all settings on default etc) i get some strange problems. Very often two things can happen, it's either:

"NVIDIA display driver stopped responding and has recovered" and screen goes black for a sec or two


screen goes black for a sec or two, spinning wait ring appears, computer and cursor freezes for like 5 seconds every once in a while, cursor becomes invisible or transparent or yellow, i get text cursor instead of the arrow, arrow instead of text cursor, and then it just keeps on like that to the point that I can't do nothing else other than restart but even then, I sometimes get "no signal" warning on my screen, while some other times windows boots up/works normal.

This happens like once or twice a day, and im pretty sure it's not a hardware fault because I haven't changed any hardware lately... I've been working on my PC for years and this issue appeared right after formatting/reinstalling! Any thoughts?

Thank you very much!
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    Re install the graphic drivers and see if the problem persists.
    if you are unable to log in normally go into safe mod.

    This might be the problem of your hdd(in which windows is installed) having bad sectors.
    do a complete disk check and it might fix your problem
  2. Hello Yadhu and thank you for your answer!

    I reformated my HDD, installed windows 7/SP1/all updates/all latest drivers.
    I have scanned my HDD for bad sectors, tested memory sticks with a bootable disk,
    and then checked windows system files integrity to search for corrupted/damaged
    files. I didn't find any problems, it's the same computer I've been using for
    years without any problems and I havent's changed any BIOS settings/hardware

    So I've been on this new setup for quite some time today, the only problem
    still remaining is this:

    4 out of 5 times when I restart my PC, the screen loses its signal as soon
    as computer shuts down (right before boot), but I can still hear the windows
    login sounds/HDD loading windows.

    I also notice the keyboard lights flashes in an ireggular(?) way upon boot.
    When this happens the only way to get my PC to work again is shut down computer,
    power off, wait for a couple of minutes and boot again. Then screen is OK.

    I haven't seen any other problems like the ones mentioned in my previous message
    so far. I have forced CPU/RAM/GPU to run 100% work load test programs like
    furmark/prime95 and no problems occurred so far either, even though its
    100 degrees hot today.

    Thanks a lot for reading this!
  3. Try a bios may help
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