Is this a dangerous GPU overclock?

Hello, I have a Sapphire HD 7950 Dual-X. I have overclocked it using AMD overdrive, I now have my core clock at 1200mhz, and memory clock at 1575mhz which is both sliders at max in the AMD overdrive. I have NOT touched the voltage at all.

I have been running Valley Benchmark to test my FPS differences before and after overclocking using the AMD overdrive, which there does seem to be a slight increase in performance, as well as a slight increase in temperature.

During the benchmarking via Valley Benchmark There were no sort of graphical anomalies on the screen and no crashes or anything, and my computer seems to be running normally, I have had it overclocked for about an hour and a half now. However I have a software that switches to CPU integrated graphics if I am not doing something that requires the extra power of my GPU. My temps reached a maximum of 68c.

so, main questions I would like answers to are

A. What software should I run as a "stress test" for this overclock to make sure that it is stable?

B. What is the highest I would want my temperature reaching before it becoming a hazard to my GPU?

C. Is it possible to ruin or shorten the lifespan of a GPU by increasing only the core clock and memory clock without altering the voltage?

I was perfectly happy with the cards performance before overclocking, and if there is any risk that it could damage the card or shorten the lifespan of the card I would rather restore default settings and deal without the extra 5 fps I may achieve out of this overclock if I am lucky.
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    Msi kombuster is an alright stress test and gpu burn in software to use. As for temps anything below 80C is a good safe range to be at, so you are good there. As for lifespan it wont hurt the card, increasing voltage only allows you to get a higher stable OC, so not increasing voltage just means you cant go higher.
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