Would a GTX 690 still be worth purchasing?

Hi to all from Toms Hardware.

This might sound like a strange question to some, but considering the 1k price tag, would a 690 still be worth purchasing at this point in its life span? Might it be better to wait a while, and see whats to come?

I ask this mainly because I would hate spending so much money, just to realize that the 790 would be releasing soon, at a similar price anyway (if its even releasing at all?).

My other options would be to look at the Titan, but considering its more expensive, and not quite as fast as the 690- I don't see the point. The 7990 is also more expensive, and very difficult to find where I live.

Thank's to all for any answers.
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  1. GTX690 card is still king of the hill for today..
    And titan is the fastest single graphics card available..
    Both of card is very strong, and pricey too.. one grand for a graphic card..

    But forget gtx690 and titan..

    For less money ($800), SLI 770 is much powerfull than gtx690 and titan..
  2. Thanks for the input Quaddro. I used to have two GTX 570's in SLI, and I ended up selling both. SLI is good, but the noise, and heat turn me off. My top 570 used to get to 90 degrees Celsius under load (I have good airflow, and a large full tower), so I do not really want to go that route again with my current build. Maybe when I do a new build I will add water cooling all round, and then consider SLI/Xfire again.
  3. Why not just get a single GTX 780 ? Honestly its too close in performance to the Titan and 690 to justify spending the extra funds mo bud.
  4. Well, 690 is SLI GPU in single card..real power hog and a hot graphics card..if you go to 690, you'll ended with same route you did before..:D

    if you want to wait gtx790, this card maybe 770 SLI in single card. to keep the price @$1000.

    I agree with mr big.
    780 is better solution if you want single card..this card slightly slower than titan..
    But in overclocked condition, it's even faster than $1000 titan (around 5%) and 10% slower than gtx690.
  5. @bigcyco1; Here in Australia the GTX 780 is $800+, I can currently get a brand new Gigabyte GTX 690 for $900 at Umart. So yeah, imo the extra $100 or so is more than worth it for the extra performance.

    @Quaddro; I know the 690 is a dual core chip, but the difference, as we all know, is that the cores are on a single silicone. This means that the heat from a a potential second card cannot rise and heat the primary card higher than normal. Load temps on a 690 are also not quite as high as 90+ degrees. Also, the noise will not be as much with a 690 because the fans should not be running at 100% all the time, as they did with my 570 SLI setup.
  6. mmm..
    gtx690 use 2 cores processor at 2 silicones..not both cores in single silicone..

    ..$800+ for GTX780?
    well, neweeg price just around $650..(

    if the difference less than $100 , get the 690 then..

    imo 790 not really worth to i said before this card maybe 770 SLI in single card, so they can keep the price @$1000.
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    Oh o.k. i didn't realize you were in Australia my bad.I do have a few friends from over there so i know about the crazy higher prices you have are nothing nice vs U.S. prices.Anyway check out these benchmarks then decide.

    Of course this is assuming your gaming on a single monitor 1080p. Here the full review for the benchmarks
  8. Thanks for those benches bigcyco, I am gaming on a single 2560x1440 monitor, but I know the results of the benches more or less anyway.

    The actual reason I started this thread was to see if other people still think the 690 a worthy purchase (given the price tag), considering its more than a year into its life cycle, and the possibility of a 790 releasing some time soon.

    @Quaddro, sorry I was not clear on my point. What I meant was they share the same PCB, in other words I am effectively only dealing with the heat of one card, and not two, as you would in true SLI with two cards jammed in one underneath the other.
  9. No problem.You're welcome!Just trying to help anyway, i think you pretty much know what you wan.t I am off to bed. However if you have any other questions i will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability tomorrow it's 1:50 a.m. where i am lol!
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