Plugged 6 pin connectors while power supply plugged

Plugged my video card in while my psu was on. Did anything happen? My pc won't boot
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  1. Not a good thing as the other op said Try unplugging your system plus the power button on your system to remove the rest of the power that's in it. Then open your case remove your card.. reinsert your card plug it in you may also want to clear your cmos on the motherboard.... Look at your booklet that came with your pc or board and short the pins for 30 seconds with the power off and the power supply unplugged. Please choose best answer given Thanks...
  2. Any more replies? I'm clueless as to what to do now.
  3. Have you tried what I suggested .? It is most likely you fried your card I did this to a sata port not thinking one time while the power was on I plug the drive into a sata port got ahead of myself and fried the port. In your case your card may be a loss but follow the directions I posted above.
  4. Could it be the connector? I have one 6 pin connector. But I also have a 6 pin adapter that splits into two other unknown connectors. Which one am I suppose to use?
  5. The other is most likely a 4+4 for the motherboard most 6 pin are 6 pin connectors is there a warrenty on your card? could you send it back and get a replacement. I never seen a 6 pin connector split in 2 just the 4+4 almost all new motherboards have to have a 20 plus 4 pin connector then another 4 pin for graphics cards that use a lot of power in all my builds even when not using a add on card I had to connect the 4 pin for more power but this isn't your problem its the 6 pin or card which is in question. You can go out and buy adapters to make another 6 pin for your video card but im sorry to say this it sounds like you did fry your card by accident. Hope this all helps and good luck.
  6. Also please give credit to the best answer that helped you Thanks.
  7. But why won't my pc boot up without the card? This is so dam frustrating
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    if you don't have onboard video then your pc wont run without a regular card installed in short you may have taken most if not all of your system out by accident its hard to tell sitting here on the pc with this keyboard its best if you don't know whats going on to take to a pc shop and have them look at your system as I stated before you more then likely fried your vid card thus no onboard vid it wont boot have a good night.
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