i3 3220 or FX6300

I'm building a gaming and internet rig but I want it to be quiet.
Graphics card is either a 7870 or 7950 depending on how much I get for my current rig.
The two CPUs come out within £1 of one another with a motherboard added to the total cost.
Will either CPU bottleneck the GPU and if not, can I go even lower in CPU performance as I don't do any video or photo stuff.
Thanks :)
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  1. the fx-6300 once overclocked crushes the 3220
    i think the 3220 would bottleneck a 7950 while if you overclock the 6300 you should be fine
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    1.Upcumin modern games will utilize more core even consoles like ps4 and xbox 1 will have eight core so its better to be future proof by choosing 6300
    2.6300 is overclockable so its better to get that extra perfomance out f it to leave behind 3220
  3. Thanks, I was tending towards the FX6300 as I wanted to overclock like I have my i5, but I just wasn't using all the power it had.
    I'll go 6300 then :)
  4. Yeah i5 u have is great can push behind any amd after 4.5 o.c.
  5. I don't use the i5 enough, it goes up to 50% use max in all the games I play.
    The i5 rig is being sold to pay for this one.
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