Will there be more AM3+ motherboards with PCI-E 3.0 X16?

Asus released one but it is really expensive. Will there be more or will companies not bother?
Also, will steamroller be AM3+
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    There is but one - ASUS has a version of a Sabertooth with 3.0 ports on it:

    It's a limited run of them so if you really want the option, you should snag it before you have to go to the used market. I don't know that there is enough demand for them since most gamers are going with Intel builds, I haven't pulled the trigger since I have the first revision of that motherboard and it seems silly to spend $200 to get PCI-E 3.0 ports and another couple of SATAIII ports.
  2. That would require an new revision of the northbridge. Almost certainly its going to be on the next iteration of AMD chips instead of this one. (AM4 is Steam Roller afaik)

    The way Asus is doing it is by combining 2xpcie2.0 with a PLX bridge chip to kinda sorta make it PCIe 3.0, except not.
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