How future proof a cpu is the FX 8350 (Overclocked to 4.5)

As it says above.
And would an i5 (not over clocked) be more future proof?
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  1. over all a FX8350 is as good as an i5. plus you have 8 core's where as the i5 has only 4. i would say a FX8350 @ 4.5Ghz is very future prof :)
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    Future games would utilize more cores so an eight core processor is a really good step for future proofing
    Even the future consoles like xbox1 and ps4 will have eight cores

    So a 8350 is great in future and running it at 4.5 is even better
  3. I think that's more than future proof. It's a very good CPU at this moment in time so, yea.
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