Suggest a z87 Board with SLI and bluetooth

I have been shopping rather intensely over the last week, looking for the perfect motherboard to accent my haswell upgrade. So far I have four picks. One of which still seems to be MIA.

Asus Sabertooth z87
Asus Maximus Hero VI
Gigabyte Sniper M5

My top pick would be the EVGA, but their 1150 models are still listed as TBD on their website, with no whisper of a release date. I am just a fan of EVGA, and have enjoyed their video cards and customer service.

I would like ease of overclockablitiy, with the option of advanced tools, as this will be my first OC build. Both Asus models seem to offer those options.

I am also very interested in bluetooth. Any way I can wirelessly sync more devices to my PC, the better. The EVGA version is specced to have Bluetooth, but I cant find anything saying that the asus models or gigabyte option do.

My budget is around $250 USD. I am looking to purchase everything on Wednesday 7/31 when my next paycheck drops.

Thanks for any opinions!
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    You can use this table to compare our entire line-up of Z87 boards:
  2. raja@asus said:
    You can use this table to compare our entire line-up of Z87 boards:

    Awesome tool, thanks for sharing :)

    So according t this both of the Asus boards have Bluetooth as well. Awesome! I have been leaning towards the Sabertooth since the Evga boards are not released yet. However this tool shows the hero as a much more feature full board, minus the dust defender, for less money. Interesting.
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