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Ok so I;m setting up my new computer and it has a ssd and a regular hdd. I installed the os to the ssd. Now, my regular hdd shows up in the device manager, but doesnt show up when I click start>computer. Any help?
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  1. Go into disk management. Right-click the new drive and select "initialize". Once the drive is partitioned, formatted, and has a drive letter assigned, then it will show up properly.

    Also check..
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    Probably no Drive Letter has been assigned to the hard drive.
    Assuming you are running Windows OS, follow the following steps -
    1. Click on Start button.
    2. Type diskmgmt.msc. Hit Enter.
    3. In Disk Management console, your device should show up.
    4. Right click on the disk drive. Click 'Change Drive Letters and Path'.
    5. Click on Add/Change. Assign an alphabet.
    6. Hit OK.
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