Will an Fx 6350 stock clocked cause a bottleneck with my GPU?

I currently have a Phenom II X6 1090t oc'd to 4ghz, and I'm getting some terrible frame drops in all the games I play (Primarily Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Rising Storm, Arma 3). My GPU is an MSI Gaming GTX 760 and I wanted to know if I bought an FX 6350 if it would be a bottleneck. I can't afford an intel chip so I have to stay with an AMD chip for gaming. Would the 6350 even offer better performance? My frame drops will go from 60 to 20 and stay there then jump back up to 60 when not that many things are around.


PSU: Seasonic S12 620w
GPU: MSI Gaming GTX 760
CPU: Phenom II X6 1090t
RAM: Corsair XMS3 8gb
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    It would offer better performance stock vs stock. As for stock vs OCed its tough to say, not too much gain really. It shouldn't bottleneck significantly. Why would you not OC the FX?
  2. It won't cause any bottlenecks, although you would be better of overclocking that chip. It's essentially free performance.
  3. Oh, and also it would be better if you got a new MBO with at least an 970 chipset or preferably 990x chipset.
  4. I see you have the 1090t clocked up to a respectable level. How fast have you got the northbridge running? Lot of potential there if NB is still at 2000.
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