I was giveb a very old gaming computer, that i want to upgrade.

Ok, so i pulled out the 1 ram dim it had (in a search to look it up and find something that i can place back into the motherboard)

This is the dim i found i 1 on the two slots of the mobo has:

Ok, so how would i know what to search to find more upgrade 20 century ram for this old computer?
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  1. There is no 21st Century upgrade for this system. This is DDR1 RAM and without knowing what the rest of your system specs are (in particular the motherboard), there is no telling what upgrades are available to you.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Search eBay / Amazon for this kind of memory -
    What is the motherboard? How much memory does it support?
    What kind of games you expect to play here?
  3. HAHAHAHA When you said old gaming computer, I was thinking of back in my beginning days of the Atari 800 w/ 64k and a basic cartridge.
    I still have an Amiga 500 tucked away in a box with a 20meg supra external HD.
    Sorry, didnt mean to hijack the thread... going down memory lane.
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    Slap some more RAM and an SSD into that thing and it will feel brand new. Although if it's still running a single core processor it may be too slow for you to feel the true power of an SSD.

    --edit-- An SSD may not be the best option actually, if your running an OS that does not support TRIM or the motherboard doesn't have SATA connections it may not be a viable option. At that point you might want to look into a new computer all together.
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