Gateway Desktop I3 processor B75 Motherboard

I have a very low budget and I have become interested in this pc. I have a very old pc at the moment so anything is an upgrade. I'll reuse my old monitor. My questions -

Will this motherboard handle a graphics card, and what are your thoughts on this pc as far as value goes? At this price I won't break the bank. (currently unemployed)

Gateway DX4870-UR348 (DT.GDDAA.016) Desktop PC Intel Core i3 2130(3.40GHz) 4GB DDR3 500GB HDD Capacity Intel HD Graphics 2500 Windows 8 64-Bit

It is on newegg flash as the deal of the day. I can't post links. But the motherboard is a Intel B75 with integrated graphics. Not sure what some of these feature mean exactly but it says -

and I quote -

PCI Slots (Available/Total) (3/3) PCI-E x1 (1/1) PCI-E x16"

Thanks for your time and opinions.


(I would use the pc for video editing and playing final fantasy 14 online )
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    Yes, there is one PCI-Express X16 available for you to install a graphics card.
  2. The Power Supply is listed as:
    Maximum Power Supply Wattage
    300 W

    This will probably need to be replaced with a better one in order to power most video cards.
  3. Thank you - Also can someone please link for me the best value ram 4gb / 8gb I can get for 15-30.-- usd? I'm not sure what ram is used.. it says ddr3 but When I look on Newegg I see SD DDR3 and 240 pin 300 pin.. So a lot of different options which begin to confuse me.
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