How to use 2 headphones/Headsets on Laptop at same time?

Hey guys,

i am Using Dell Studio 1450.
Which having 2 output Audio Jack (3.5mm) .
How to use 2 Headphones at once ? Right now only 1 headphone works at a time.
Both jacks working fine.

& If possible also tell me if is it possible to get sound from Lappy Speakers & headphones at once.
I am using Windows 7 & Windows 8.
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    This should help you out greatly. A nice tutorial for your question -

    Otherwise just buy a splitter. It would let you play on two headphones with no software setup at all since the system would think that only one headphone is connected. I prefer it this way and you can leave the other port unused.

  2. Thanx for that it will be uelful for my PC.

    But I want it work on my Laptop . I am using Dell STudio 1450 which having 2 ports for Audio Headsets.

    How to make them work at once.
  3. Its both the same.

    Just plug in the splitter into one of your audio ports on your laptop and connect two headsets on splitter's other two ends. Select Headphones from your audio driver menu like you do when usually using 1 headset and there you go.

    There is no difference between a PC or an laptop in this.
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