Safe overclock for my Sapphire HD 7950?

I have a Sapphire HD 7950 dual-X with boost. This one in particular -

I have used AMD Overdrive and overclocked the core clock to 1155 mhz, and the memory clock to 1450 mhz. In order for this to run stable, I adjusted the power control slider to +10%.

I have overclocked processors before in the past, but never graphics cards. I just want to know that everything is fine and that my GPU is not getting too much voltage or anything, some assurance that it will be fine as it is.

I ran Furmark for 15 mins as my stress test and seemed to have no problems at all, I did the standard burn-in test at 1080p with 2xMSAA. I used both HW Monitor and GPU-Z while stress testing with Furmark.

Here are all of my results:

GPU-Z readings while stress testing -
12V: 11.94V
VDDC: 1.061V
MVDDC: 1.602V
VDDC Current: 103.3A
VDDC Current in: 11.3A

HWMonitor readings while stress testing -
Voltage: 1.125
Min Voltage: 0.950
Max Voltage: 1.250

GPU-Z readings while idle -
12V: 12.09
VDDC: 0.803V
VDDC Current: 4.3A
VDDC Current in: 0.3A

HWMonitor readings while idle-
Voltage: 0.950
Min voltage: 0.950
Max voltage: 1.250

With this setting my idle temp is about 35c average, and max temp while stress testing with Furmark for 15 mins was 73c.

I apologize for all of the numbers, I don't really know what they all mean, and it would seem that the HWmonitor readings don't relate much to the GPU-Z readings.

Looking at all of these voltages and amps and stuff, does everything seem fine? I noticed no graphical anomalies or anything of the sort while stress testing. I also tested a few games for about 20 mins each and they seemed to run great.

Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

*EDIT* Novuake, what did you use to OC your card? I used AMD overdrive and the MAX slider settings were 1200MHZ core clock and 1575MHZ memory clock. I attempted these settings and put the power control slider to max (+20%). It seemed to work fine in the Furmark and Valley Benchmark, but when I tried to play Crysis 3 like that it would freeze up after about 15 seconds of playing, then my graphics driver would crash :/
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    Seems to me you have quite a bit more OCing in that card. I got mine safely to 1280MHz but then starts getting hot. Try for 1200Mhz. Sure you can do it.
    Do not worry about voltage unless you change it yourself, it will not go above spec if you do not change it yourself.
  2. That looks good. Just for the sake of the overclock, in Furmark, crank every detail setting as high as possible, and run it for several hours. If it doesn't crash, and the temperatures stay below 85C, then you are good to go.
  3. Are you using liquid cooling or stock fans/shroud?
  4. Hes obviously using the Vapor-x cooler from the factory.
  5. I have gigabyte 7950 with 900core/1250mhz memory stock and I can't go over 1000/1400(I use AMD catalyst center to oc).my games start to crash.i have 2 bitfenix 140mm fans pushing air to the gpu with 80% fan speed.can someone help me make it stable with 1100core/1500-1550mhz memory
  6. OH! I see you edited your post in reply. :) Did not get a notification.

    Time it as a reply next time.

    I use MSI Afterburner or Sapphire Trixx.

    If you are crashing during gameplay, try applying a little more voltage in 0.05v increments to attempt to get stability.

    By the way Cora0, create your own thread please. This one is ancient.
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