i5 4570(S) with Zotac GTX 660 Ti

Should I go for the i5 4570 or the i5 4570S to go with the Zotac GTX 660 Ti 2GB GPU?

Also, do you think that these CPUs are good enough for the GPU or vice versa. I don't want the CPU or GPU to bottleneck each other?

Thanks in Advance

Bilal :)
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    Both of them are not gnna bttlenck at all
    But the 4570s is a low power low clocked version of 4570 so my advice wud b to go with 4570 and a 7870 ghz 2gb instead f 660ti as the 7870 is even equal to the 760

    So get this

    Dont frget to close the post
  2. the i5-4570 has a 3.2Ghz default and tubo's up to 3.6Ghz and the i5-4570s has a 2.9Ghz default and also tubo's up to 3.6Ghz. so for gaming i would go with the high default speed for gaming.

    and yes these CPU's and the gtx 660 ti will work fine together :)
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