which of these 2 rigs should i choose?AMD or Intel for gaming!!!

hey people, firstly i would have chosen amd but some people pulled my mind over to intel here are the rigs and they have a 70 Euro difference... the intel is 70 euros more but i have enough money to buy it :)...
k380 coolermaster box
750W PSU superchannel
1TB seagata barracuda
motherboard is a G43 one something.
CPU i5 4670 3.4Ghz
GPU GTX 670 MSI power edition
8GB corsair vengeance RAM
all the same as intel accept the following:
also G46 mobo...
FX 8350 piledriver
HD 7950

I will play on a 23' screen on 1080 so what will be the best for future care?
also i dont now who wants to buy the HD 7950 because his mem speed is 1004 mhz slower then the 670 and his core clock bouwt 300mhz slower...tnx!
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  1. I would probably go with the intel build and get a 760 maybe instead.
  2. i would chose the intel cpu. the intel run cooler than the amd and use's less power.
    also i believe the i5 4670 give better gaming performance overall when compared to the amd FX-8350.
  3. 60Hz? Go AMD, but switch out the HD 7950 with a GTX 760 4Gb. The 8 cores will help with next gen gaming and the 4gb vram will help with the possibility of VRAM usage being higher in the near future.

    If you had a 120Hz monitor, I would recommend an intel i7. But for now, I think AMD is a better option because of the 8 core support comming VERY soon. To be totally honest with you, you would NOT notice the difference between a FX 8350 and an i7 on a 60 Hz monitor.

    Also, I have a friend running a FX 8350/GTX770 rig, and we see no difference in FPS.
  4. Go with the intel build and look at the 770. Or you can go 760 thats right on par with a 670 just cheaper.
  5. okey wait i just saw this new card at and he is a Innovision Inno3D nVidia GTX 770 Graphics Card (2GB)(PCI-E 3.0) is 10 Euro's more expensive then the GTX 670 MSI power edition... should i pick that one instead of the 670?
  6. Yea
  7. Intel with the 770 would be great. Only because im a intel fan.

    Next gen gaming with the CPU is on the way though, So it wouldn't be a bad idea... Check your sockets on the mobo. Upgrades are always an option
  8. okey, i am not realy good in checking if my rig will be compatible.... but the intel i will buy will fit on my mobo... but how do i know if the 770 will? and dont you maybe think i should rather pick the amd fx 8350 that has 8 cores for the next gen?
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    The 770 uses a pci express 3.0 slot... Which is the standard on all recent motherboards, just make sure the motherboard has atleast a slot.
    Make sure you're case has clearance for the vid card and a aftermarket cpu cooler.

    You could go for the 8core... or swap your intel cpu for a 3570k unlocked to overclock to 4.5-4.8ghz with a budget cooler.
    Not sure on the price differences though.

    Just to warn you though, amd chips heat up alot... So you will defs need a cpu cooler of some sort,. A CM 212EVO will do the trick for around 30-35$
  10. man thanks for your damn great info!! i really appreaciate it! :D and ill try to go for the FX 8350! woohoo!
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