Confusion over Intel RSTe/X79/SSD Trim command! Help!

Please can someone put me out of my misery! I am running a single Corsair 240GB GT SSD as a system boot drive and 2 x WD 1TB Velociprators configured in RAID0 on my X79 Sabertooth using the RSTe software. The SSD is not part of the RAID array, JUST the two WD 1TB drives and the RSTe console recognizes correctly as thus. Does this mean the TRIM command is being passed to my non RAID volume SSD? There seems to be utter confusion across the forums over Intel RSTe/X79/Trim command. I stress although I have RAID configured my SSD is a pass through device and NOT part of the Raid array. Is my SSD receiving Trim love and care? Does anyone have a definitive answer?
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    AHCI mode is a subset of RAID mode. Any drive (SSD or HDD) that is connected to a port that is in RAID mode will automatically default to AHCI mode if it is not part of an actual RAID array.

    So you don't have to worry about TRIM on your SSD.
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