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Hi guys
I just got my VG248QE, and i was wondering how to calibrate it.
Everywhere I look people say that you should always calibrate a new monitor, but i've never done it before.
Does anyone have a guide or could give some help in how to get the best out of my monitor ?

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  1. I have the same monitor. I don't really care that much about colors but i find the best mode is standard mode. Haven't calibrated yet.
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    Read this article. It links you to an ICC profile to correct out of the box color. Fix my vg248qe color article and color profile.
  3. Sorry for being such a noob, but what is an ICC profile ?
    Should I just set my monitor with the setting they suggested in the article ?

    ( this ones ?)
    Splendid= Theater Mode
    Sharpness= 40 (eliminates some minor fringing on text – also use ClearType)
    Brightness= 54 (according to preferences and lighting)
    Contrast= 43 (default contrast in this preset gives major shade crushing)
    Color Temp= User Mode
    Red= 100
    Green= 95
    Blue= 93

    Thanks for the help
  4. In the article I posted above after reading down a ways there is a link to download the ICC profile. The best way I know to describe the ICC profile is a file full of optimal color settings. Either in the article or an article it links to is directions for using the ICC file. I would rate the process as medium difficulty but doable and worth it.
  5. Sorry, i just missed the link.
    Yeh it's pretty easy, done it, and it's definitely better now.
    Thanks for the help, this article is very helpful, just what I needed. Thanks ;)
  6. In the future, you should know that TFTCentral has a large database of ICC profiles for many monitors.
  7. I've also tried one ICC profile of them, and it was very similar to the one in the article, I think it was just a little bit lighter.
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