Problem with my pc. Freezing on startup in desktop and in games

Hi all of you out there.
I have a serious problem with my pc that has been going on for a long time now. I have been through problem after problem, and i have bought new components for hoping it to work. The issue i have is when i start my pc, then when i come to desktop, and i move my mouse from left to right on the screen, i can see that it freezes up to serveral times in 10 seconds and then it stops after the 10 seconds and all works fine. My pc also freezes in games, for example if i play like fifa 13, and i start a match, then it freezes for maybe 10 seconds, and after that there comes black screen for maybe 5 seconds, and after that i play again, but not from where i was before the freezing (It`s like that the game still is in play when it freezes for me) I have bought a new motherboard new memories, a new cpu, and a new harddisk, for about maybe 1 week, so i really dont see being a problem with those components. I really hope that there are some specialists out there that can help me out with my huge problem that have been for 1 month maybe (i just got problems after problems but now i got this problem that is described ahead).
PS. i think that there still is a possibility that there could be something wrong with the new components especially the motherboard, because im not so good to install components and maybe i pressed to hard on the motherboard when i installed the memories and when i set the wire into the motherboard from PSU, so maybe i damaged the motherboard, but i dont know so i really hope that someone out there can help me out.

Kind Regards
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  1. Can anyone help me please. or can it be because of bad windows?
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