Monitor won't display after doing bios update for Diamond HD7770 Overclocked Edition video card?

I installed this video card today along with a new 500 watt power supply. When I turned on my computer first everything was fine. I went to do the bios fix update since I heard this video card tends to cause a computer to crash often before doing the bios update. After it prompted me to restart my computer, which I did and now the monitor won't display anything. The monitor is currently plugged into the new card with a DVI cord. Any help on this?
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  1. If you updated the BIOS it would have reset to base config, which may well be to onboard video if available, need to go into BIOS using on board and redirect primary video to PCI-E
  2. Am I able to do this without the monitor and if so then how do I do this?
  3. Since I'm just guessing here, what mobo, CPU, etc do you have, need some info to work with

    This is my computer except now it has the Corsair CX500 power supply and the new video card.
  5. Use the on board graphics instead of the 7770
  6. I've tried that and still nothing. Although, the new card was in my computer when I tried using the integrated one that's always been there. Should I try using the integrated one after removing the new one from my computer?
  7. Sure give it a try
  8. Ok so the integrated works when the new card is removed. Any idea how to get the new one to work instead?
  9. Load the drivers, go into BIOS and change the primary video to PCI-E, save, shutdown, install PCI-E card and boot
  10. Tried it and still no luck. According to my bro, it's not even booting into bios since the computer turns off the moment you press the power button. And even if the monitor is plugged into the integrated card, it won't work as long as power is supplied to the new card. Is it possible that the card is fried or something along those lines? I don't have another computer I can test that card with.
  11. Do you have a different PSU you can test with?
  12. Nope, but my power supply has 2 pci cords and I tried both of them with the card and both have the same result.
  13. Does it boot w/o the GPU plugged in, if so the GPU card may just be drawing too much power for the system to boot and need a better PSU
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    @angel_girl2248 :

    Just clear your CMOS , start your system.

    If not reseat your GPU , clear CMOS then start.

    may it work.

    reply must.
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