Nvidia 1GB GDDR3 9800GT or HD 6670?

Which card is better? My friend has a 9800 gt and can smooooothly run crysis 3, even if its older than the 6670. So which one is better?
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  1. This should help you decide, If your friend can play Crysis 3 on that card then go for that.
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    ATI 6670.

    I have a 9800 gt right here, and trust me it need`s replacing.
    I can still play games with the card, but have to turn the settings down like AA in new games to get a decent enough frame rate.

    You will get a bit more for your money with the 6670 card, it all depends on what resolution and graphics settings you wish to have to give you good FPS.
  3. What flavor of 6670 are you considering? There's a GDDR3 and GDDR5 versions out there. GDDR5 is better, of course. What's your budget OP? What resolution??
  4. I would suggest at least HD 7750 GDDR5

    BTW, what's your rig's spec? (CPU, mobo, GPU, PSU)
  5. I got a Nvidia gt210 1GB for the moment, My specs are:

    2GB RAM ( I also have additional 4x1GB RAM cards but no slots for them in my motherboard)
    350W PSU (about, may be 500w, but im not really sure.)
    Intel Celeron E3400 @2.60GHz @2.60GHz Dual-Core
    And the motherboard: P5KPL-AM SE

    I am trying to upgrade my pc before I go to college for game development, and for the moment my budget is £70. I am trying to make a list of budget upgrading hardware for about under £250-£300.

    Also What do you guys think I should upgrade first? Because I asked previously which motherboard and CPU should I buy, but maybe I should not start with CPU but something else? I am a noob when it comes to hardware.

    Also I am thinking about the GDDR5 HD6670, except if i find a 7750 for a little more.
  6. I'm trying to find a CPU suit your mobo in but failed

    So which parts are u trying to upgrade?
  7. I was thinking about it,I will stay with upgrading the mobo first. Buying a CPU with it and then RAM and a Graphics Card except if i get a decent APU. Money is unfortunelly always the problem. But nevermind. Thank you guys for helping me out.
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